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The easiest way to sync all of your calendars, instantly.

Save time by syncing your schedules at the flip of a switch

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Stop juggling calendars
with Klōn Calendar!

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Features & Benefits

super simple setup

It's SO simple

Klon Calendar allows you to choose which calendars to sync. When we say getting started is as simple as flipping a switch, we mean it.

Your Time = Money

Stop wasting your time by manually inputing information from one calendar to another and let Klon Calendar do it for you automatically.

Bye, Double Bookings

With Klon Calendar, all of your events are in view on 1 calendar. Gone are the days when you realize 2 meetings are booked for the same time.

Peace of mind

Peace of Mind

You can rest assured that calendar conflicts are a thing of the past. Now you can focus on the parts of your job that you actually enjoy doing.

Clients will LOVE you

Your clients will love that your calendar shows when you're truly availability, so they confidently reserve time with you.

Very fast updates

Very Fast Updates

Klon's real-time calendar sync will instantly update appointments between all of your synced calendars.

Our users are saying...

Klon has been a godsend for me as a management consultant who often times works with multiple clients at once and maintains a separate internal calendar for each one. I used to get double or triple booked multiple times a week and trying to manually sync my calendars was hopeless. With Klon, all of that went away.

David, Thought Ensemble

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No more calendar juggling! You can sync all your calendars together with custom configurations.

One User
Sync Outlook, Google, Apple, and Exchange
Unlimited number calendars


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Looking for a calendar sync tool for your entire team or business? Let's talk about how Klon Calendar can help your team do more with less overhead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What calendar providers are supported?

We support Google, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange, and Office365 accounts.

Can I sync one calendar to multiple other calendars?

Yes you can! Klon is a multi-directional sync, so it'll copy events from one calendar to all the others you have connected. However, you can choose to turn off syncing between specific calendars.

Can I sync calendars from different accounts?

Of course! You can import and sync as many calendars as you want from any of our supported providers.

Will Klon change the events I or my clients create?

No it will not. Klon will only change the cloned events that it creates. Any event that is created in the calendar account will remain untouched.

Do you have team plans?

Klon currently does not have team plans in a production-ready state.